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Loch Pro New Website

Loch Pro New Website

Loch Pro Has A New Website!

loch pro website designLoch Pro has been in business for the past couple years and like all businesses starting out, setup their website on the cheap just to get their business going. Now that they've been in business for a little while now, they decided that they wanted a fully featured website. Enter Infule. 

Loch Pro sells a Boat Hull cleaner that's supposed to help simplify the cleaning process for boat owners and help cut cleaning costs over the life of the boat. Their brush allows boat owners to clean the hull of their boat in under 15 minutes. It's an incredible new product.

Knowing the needs of Loch Pro, we decided that it would be best to build out their new website using Wordpress as their content management system (CMS). What's more is that we knew that the WooCommerce plugin would be perfect for selling their boat hull brushes. 

The new website for Loch Pro has numerous upgrades over their previous version. Their new website includes:

Responsive website design

The responsive web design allows the visitors of Loch Pro to view their website using their cell phone and all other mobile devices. The huge benefit in a responsive web design is that the layout of the website automatically shifts and adjusts based upon the width of the device screen to give the user the best experience. So if a visitor is browsing the new Loch Pro website on their tablet in portrait mode and then turnes their tablet horizontally, the website will automatically shift on the fly to provide the best user experience. Pretty sweet!

On-Page SEO

On Page SEO basically means that we optimize each page of the Loch Pro site for how prospective customers are searching for their business. Customers that already know of the Loch Pro brand will merely search for "Loch Pro" in Google and find their website listed on top of Google's search results. 

On the flip side, the prospective visitors that don't know Loch Pro will search Google for their product type, so "Boat Hull Cleaner". So we've optimized each page of their website to best match the product keyword phrases that their prospective clients are searching for to give Loch Pro the best opportunity to rank in Google and drive sales to their business. 

E-commerce checkout

Building out a complete e-commerce website was the next logical step in their internet marketing strategy. Their prior website merely had a paypal button where the user entered the amount to pay Loch Pro. 

Building out a complete e-commerce system for their business allows them to: 

  • Add unlimited products
  • Allow customers to select brush sizes and control pricing accordingly
  • Monitor product stock levels and receive email notification if stock level gets too low. 
  • Monitor order history
  • Change order status (In-process, Shipped, Completed, Cancelled)
  • Automatically add taxes for Colorado residence. 
  • Automatically add shipping costs based upon the number of brushes sold. 
  • Run monthly or annual reports on sales
  • Add coupon codes for specific promotions. 


The ability to add news and events to their website was crutial. Loch Pro frequently visits boat shows all across the country selling and promoting their brushes, so having a blog to showcase each boat show and other news was essential.

Now that the website is live, we couldn't be more pleased. Using the latest web design technology, we were able to create a full screen background video on the home page to showcase their product while allowing visitors to browse the site. It turned out just incredible. 

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