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rv-dealer-owner-web-designDoes your RV Dealership have an internet marketing strategy that mimic's traditional marketing methods? Traditional marketing tells us that we need to do two things:

  1. Research how customers buy RV's
  2. Study how our competition sells their services

Have you done the research to see how you can create a unique selling proposition for your RV Dealership? We did the research for you and this is what our research has told us:

  • How your competition sell's RV's:
    • You probably already know how your competition is marketing their website online. 99% of RV Dealer web services are exactly the same and it looks like this: They have a templated website that lists their RV inventory, and then a national website will take their inventory and display it on their national site for traffic generation. Does this sound familiar? 
    • Dealer websites rarely have any kind of social media presence
    • RV Dealer websites don't have any kind of blog where they can add news, RV shows, inventory updates or industry related content. 
    • Very few RV Dealers have a website that is mobile friendly. 
  • How do customers buy RV's:
    • Market research has shown that 40% of customers are search for RV's using a mobile device (cell phone or tablet) and this number is only to increase down the road. 
    • Customers utilize the internet to search for: RVs for sale, RV Dealers, RV Shows, RV Repairs, RV parts etc.
    • RV buyers utilize social media to view photographs, and videos prior to making a purchase. 

Why is all of this information important? Because it tells us exactly what your dealership's website needs to do. Your dealership needs to have a website that is mobile friendly or your site will frustrate customers and send them away. Nobody like to zoom in and out on a mobile device in order to view what they are looking at. Also, your website needs to have the ability to position your company in all of the locations where your customers are searching for you. So if a RV buyer searches in Google for a RV show in your local city, does your site come up? What about all of the other phrases where your customers are searching for you? For this reason it is vital that your website can continue to grow and expand to position your dealership in front of all of your customers instead of limiting your internet marketing for merely "RV's For Sale" because that is only one method in which customers are looking for RVs. 

Our web services are different and our clients have seen a 200% increase in traffic from our internet marketing strategy.

Click Here To See Why Our RV Web Services Are Different. 



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