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Fort Collins Social Media Marketing

 Fort Collins Social Media Marketing

Everybody has already setup a Facebook or Twitter profile personally and you may already have one for your business as well. So you may be thinking how entertaining and distracting it is, but how can you utilize social media for your business and see a great ROI?

You see, you can't merely just pick a social media platform and start advertising if your perfect target market doesn't use it. 

So the key to social media is to understand your current clients and how they interact online. Our Social Media marketing services is designed to help you target your perfect demographic and put together a marketing strategy for how we can increase your branding and ROI. 

social-media-marketing-company-fort-collins-coloradoHere are the benefits in how we utilize social media for your business:

  • Building a Following - The biggest asset of social media marketing is to get as many followers as you can to stay engaged with your social media profile. The more followers you can get, the easier it will be to sell down the road.  
  • Branding - Social media is one of the cheapest ways to increase your company's branding online through a constant flow of ad placement. It's a great way to keep your company's brand constantly in front of your perfect target market. 
  • In Direct Sales - The common rule posting on your company social media account is the 80/20 rule. So 20% of your posts should be direct sales to what you want your followers to buy and the other 80% indirect sales. We provide you with the most profitable strategy for indirect sales. 
  • Direct Sales - the larger the following you have the more sales you will have. Think of it this way... if you have 2,000 followers on your social media account and you release a new product / service, you can instantly reach out to 2,000 of your perfect target market letting them know to check it out. 
  • Cheaper long term marketing - Just like in traditional sales, the initial surge to get new customers is always costly and time intensive. This is where social media can really help you down the road. The more followers that you can get to follow you online, the cheaper it will be down the road to market to them. The key is not to over solicite to them, but to give them something of value to keep them engaged in your company. 
  • Unlimited growth potential - Social Media marketing gives you the potential to release a product / service / article that can go viral and give your business exponential exposure and sales. 

 One of the greatest aspects of social media marketing is that everything is trackable. Because of this you can easily guage if you are receiving the best return for your investment. Contact Infule to get your social media marketing campaign off the ground. 

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