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New Google Update Hurts RV Dealers

Google Update Hurts RV DealersGoogle recently updated their search engine and it has drastically hurt RV Sales to the tune of $500,000 per year!

What is the new update?

Google now requires that website owners MUST have a mobile friendly website or they will be dropping in the rankings. Which means less traffic, less leads and sales.

This is HUGE!

They are essentially saying that if your dealership’s website isn’t mobile friendly that they will stop sending you free leads!

Why are they doing this? Because RV buyers are telling Google they can’t stand browsing websites on mobile devices that aren’t mobile friendly. And Google Agrees.

Here’s Why Google Updated:

We pulled these stats from a Google Analytics account of one of our RV Dealers. This RV Dealer receives over 10,000 visitors per month. Here is the comparison between users who view their website using a desktop, mobile device or tablet:

RV Dealer Traffic comparison: desktop, mobile device, tablet


Google mobile friendly resultsAfter viewing this chart, you can see that over 53% of all traffic is viewing this RV dealer’s website using a mobile device. The digital age has finally turned the tide. And it’s not coming back!

Do a quick search on your cell phone and what you’ll notice is that Google has already started displaying which websites are mobile friendly and which are not. So RV buyers will automatically skip your website altogether because its not mobile friendly.

Here’s a quick screenshot.

How Non-Mobile Friendly Websites Hurts RV Dealers

There are two ways that having a non-mobile friendly website is hurting your business:

Your customer when viewing your non-mobile friendly website.

First: You have under two seconds to captivate website visitors on your website. But having a non-mobile friendly website really frustrates users.

When 53% of your RV buyers land on your page after searching in Google, they will have to continually zoom in & out and scroll side to side in order to read the content on your site. Grrr… so frustrating!!!

It’s like the GIF of Aaron Rodgers using a tablet to view RVs on your website. Haha… ok, bad example, but it proves my point. Don’t frustrate your RV buyers!

I’m sure RV buyers would be doing the same thing with their mobile devices after viewing your non-mobile friendly website.

Instead of smashing their tablet they are going to hit the back button and buy from your competition.

Second: The second way this affects your business is because Google is now moving websites down in the rankings if they are not mobile friendly.

Lower Rankings In Google = Less traffic = Less Leads = Less Sales = Less profits!

Every competitive advantage you can have over your competition AND give your buyers a good user experience is more than worth the investment.

We’ll get into how much not having a mobile friendly website is costing your dealership here in a second.

Mobile Friendly is Dead – Get A Responsive Website

Are all mobile friendly websites the same? Absolutely not.

I’ve seen this on hundreds of RV Dealer websites. A RV dealer will have two websites. One that is for the desktop and a completely separate website that is mobile friendly.

This technology is already oooolllllddd. Cobwebs and all!

The downfall with a mobile version of your website is that it has some of the features of your main website, but it’s only built for mobile devices like smartphones. NOT tablets!

This is where responsive web design come in.

Technology is changing lightning fast and the better way to build out your new website is to have a “Responsive Website”.

Responsive Web Design Vs Mobile Web Design

The biggest benefit is that a responsive website automatically shifts and adjusts on the fly when a visitor turns their device from portrait mode to landscape mode.

No matter what device (smart phone, tablet or mobile device (Microsoft Surface etc), a responsive website design will automatically realign your “Entire” website to present the best user experience.

No more zooming in and frustrating RV buyers.

This creates the best user experience for every viewing angle instead of just a static mobile version.

Here’s The Results

Let’s use the Google Analytics statistics from the RV dealer above. Out of 7,000 visitors per month they sell over 20 RVs per month from the website. So 250 RVs per year from one location. Let’s do the math…

If 53% “Aaron Rodgers” (leave) your website, then that means that you will only sell 117 RVs instead of the 250 if you had a mobile friendly website.

That’s a difference of 133 RVs NOT SOLD! 

With a minimum profit margin of $4,000, that’s $532,000 in missed profits!

Those are example profit margins, but you get the idea. Do the math for your own dealership with your own profit margins. How much are you missing out on?

So the real question is… What are you waiting for?!?

A new mobile friendly website can easily generate over half a million dollars in profits each and every year!

Schedule a time for a personalized video conference where we will walk you through how to use your website to increase sales 200% in under 90 days!

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