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RV Dealer FREE Heatmap Software

Want to see where buyers click and where they don't on your website? Our heatmap will give you real time data so we can quickly optimize your site for sales.

*Heatmap software is only available through our web service.


What is a huge problem facing RV Dealers on their website?

The biggest challenge RV dealers have with RV sales is getting visitors to their website. The second biggest challenge is getting those visitors to convert. Enter heatmaps!

What is a heatmap?

A heatmap is a colored representation of where users click throughout a page on your website. The more a user clicks on a specific aspect of your page, the more important that becomes.

The upper left side of the page receives the most views and clicks of any aspect of a page.
The heatmap will validate or invalidate your site layout based upon user interaction.

User Navigation

Every aspect of your web design needs to lead the user to success quicker. Heatmap software allows you to see exactly how users navigate through every page of your site.

Pass through pages - Does your design make it easy for users to click through to the PDP?
Example - Travel Trailer page: the heatmap will show what users click on to go to the PDP.
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