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How To Rank Your RV Dealership In Multiple Locations

How To Rank Your RV Dealership In Multiple Locations

Overview (Problem):

What is multiple-location SEO?

Benefits of multiple-location SEO?

Steps To Optimize for multiple locations.

  1. Create a page for each location
  2. Optimize each page for City + State
    1. Create sub-pages for each topic (brands + class types)
    2. Create pages for local resources: RV shows, RV storage, RV parking, RV parks etc
  3. Sign up for Google Business Listing
  4. Reviews list
  5. Backlinks (internal & external)


As we move forward with these local city pages. It would be really good to start creating blog posts around each city page that I create. The more content that your website has on RVing in each city, the better.  As your site lists fifth wheels and travel trailers as your leading products, I would recommend writing the following blog posts and emailing them to me so that I can optimize them and schedule them to post in the blog:

  • Title: Best (Fifth Wheels or Travel Trailers) In (City: San Fran etc) – separate blog post for each city. I know that this gets repetitive, but you can use different units in each city. Use the following outline: 
    • Overview of RVing in city (san fran) and why class type (fifth wheels, travel trailers) are perfect for the city
    • Top 3 Best (Class type) in this city (benefits, specs, driveability etc).

As I really like being outdoors as well, check out this page on Backpacks as an outline. Not to say that you have to do all of this for each city and class type, but it should give you a great outline of topics in order to create your “Best of” articles for each city and class type. 

  • Write a blog post for each brand that you have. This will be at the State (Cali) level, so we don’t need to do one for each city. 
    • Benefits of each brand 
    • Why you are selling them compared to other brands. And yes list the names of the other brands
    • List a couple RV’s that you like from that brand and why you are selling them – list the class type, video link and comparison to competing RV’s 
  • Top 5 places to RV and a brief reason why
  • RV Shows for each city – do some background research into each: 
    • Dates and times
    • Location
    • Cost
    • Family activities
    • overview, benefits and reason visitors should visit that show

Each page should be at least 500 words. I know that it starts getting a little repetitive (especially the class types for each city), but what we are trying to do is to build information around EACH city that you want to have a presence in for what you want to sell. Keep in mind that this is an amazing long term strategy, as you are creating content once and will receive residual traffic forever from it… just like your youtube videos. So the more avenues that we can create for traffic to your site, the better. 


Look at it this way, if you want sell fifth wheels and travel trailers in San Fran you will need a billboard on a major street. Well, in this instance, your newly created fifth wheel or travel trailer page is the billboard and the internet traffic is the highway. The more billboards that you have (articles) in different cities, the more traffic opportunities that you can create. 


As you can see, this is quite a bit of work 🙂 The creation of all of these articles will take some time, so it will depend on how much time you have to allocate to writing. I tell all of our dealers, that depending on how much time you have, that it may be a nice idea to hire a high school student, who loves journalism and travel, to stop by the dealership a couple days a week to write for you as a high school student is pretty cheap. You can give them the outline of what to write and what the requirements are for each article. They get the experience, a little extra income and you can get a lot of additional content. Maybe if you can create the first couple, you will get a hand on how everything goes and then you can hire a high school or college student… just an idea.


This is one part of our SEO services and why the investment is what it is. But the benefits are huge 🙂


Wow, what a LONG email, hopefully you didn’t fall asleep before you got to the bottom of it.. or at least  you had a cup of coffee to keep you awake 🙂


As always, if you have questions on this, please let me know. Have a great day!


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