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Colorado Mountain RV

In the three years that Infule has been doing SEO, we’ve seen an incredible increase in traffic, conversion and in 2013 our website sales accounted for 50% of our total revenue. I can’t say enough about them!”


High Plains Electric

Infule has done a great job of not only designing our website, but of taking care of our entire internet marketing services. They are always coming up with new and innovative ways to expand our online branding. Thanks!


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Fort Collins Web Design

How would you like to generate 2-3x more targeted taffic to your website?

Our web design services creates a mobile friendly website that increases user experience and transforms your traffic into presold leads.



A successful internet marketing campaign for your business starts with understanding your customers and industry in order to strategically position your business in front of your targeted prospects who are looking to buy.

This comes from traditional marketing methods that tells us the best way to sell is to research how your customers are buying and how your competition is selling. Only then can we truly develop a website and SEO services with a unique selling proposition as the cornerstone.

Google statistics shows that 40% of traffic comes from mobile devices. And this percentage is only going up.

 Is your Web Design Mobile Friendly?

It should come as no surprise that 40% of web traffic comes from mobile devices with the increased popularity of mobile devices and tablets. What's more is that number is only going to increase.

Today it becomes imperative that your Fort Collins web design must be mobile friendly in order to give your customers a better viewing experience.

A non mobile friendly website will frustrate 40% of your visitors and send them to your competition. 

Of course your company’s website is only one aspect of the entire internet marketing campaign and branding for your business. If nobody lands on your website you can’t sell them.

A complete internet marketing campaign that target’s your customers has to include SEO Services, Social Media Campaigns, Adword Campaign and a branding identity service that cohesively promotes your business. 

This complete internet marketing campaign must work in sync in order to maximize residual revenue and decrease the costs of future marketing.

Increase Leads Today And Decrease Marketing Costs Tomorrow:

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