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On-Page SEO: Url Optimization

What should RV dealers be looking at for their RV Dealer SEO?

One aspect of SEO that’s really easy to pick out is the Url of your RV Web Service. Did you know that the URL is one of the biggest aspects of whether or not your website ranks in Google? This one tip can help you sell more RV’s in 30 days. Read how.

Why is the URL important?

The Url is important in SEO because it tell search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing what the page is about. It breaks down your site into a easily readable category structure that search engines can crawl and save appropriately.

Let’s take a look at a Un-Optimized URL:


When you look at this Url, can you read it? Obviously you can literally read it, but does any of it make sense to you? Me neither!

Now, let’s look at a SEO optimized Url:


This Url is from our friends at Colorado Mountain RV and as you can see, everything is perfectly readable for the search engines. As we look at the entire directory structure that goes to this final Url we can see that it is a great category layout for SEO for this dealership. Let’s have a look:

  • https://www.coloradomountainrv.com/colorado/fort-collins/rvs-for-sale.html
  • https://www.coloradomountainrv.com/colorado/fort-collins/travel-trailers-for-sale.html
  • https://www.coloradomountainrv.com/colorado/fort-collins/travel-trailers/2007-Jayco-Eagle-32FKS-100.html

The first Url is the main directory for all of Colorado Mountain RV’s inventory and it reads, Colorado, Fort Collins RVs For Sale. This Url tell search engines exactly what to expect on the page! The next page says Colorado, Fort Collins Travel Trailers For Sale.

Why Is SEO Optimized URL’s Important?

Having a optimized URL for your RV Dealership is a fantastic way to help every aspect of your website rank higher in search engines within the local geographical area that you are trying to target. Simply put, SEO optimized Url’s helps put your dealership in front of your perfect target market on every level. So if you have a customer looking for Travel Trailers for Sale (Enter your City & State), you will rank for it.

 Does your dealership have SEO Optimized URL’s?

Take a look at our RV Web Services to see how we can get your dealership to bring in 2-3 times more traffic using these SEO techniques. Read More Here.

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