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How To Post RV’s On Youtube


When posting a video on youtube, there are certain requirements that help you video get more views and your website more traffic. Here is an outline for how to create and submit your video to youtube. 


Creating youtube video:


When creating a youtube video it is imperative that you do a walkthrough on the RV and talk about all of the main features and specs on the RV. 




Because Google can already transcribe all of your audio into text to know what the video is about. So, if you are not speaking about the RV that you are doing the video on, Youtube will NOT know what the video is about and you won’t receive the traffic that you desire. 


When creating a youtube video here is the layout on how we would structure the video:

    • RV general overview:
      • Introduce yourself and mention what company you are from and…
  • First start out by saying that you are doing a “Walkthrough review of the year make and model” of the rv that you are showing. This is HUGE to tell youtube what the video is about. 
    • Then go through some of the main specs: Floorplan, weight, length, class type etc – (yes, I know viewers can see that it is a fifth wheel, but youtube doesn’t know 🙂 
  • Exterior walkthrough
    • Walk around the RV listing out all of the exterior features and benefits
  • Interior Walkthrough
    • Enter the RV and start listing out the floorplan and color style
    • Talk about all of the other features that RV has. 
  • Closing remarks
    • How does this RV compare to other RV’s in its class that you have on your lot. And you can do a quick comparison on a couple similar brands that your competition is selling and why this one would be better. So it would be beneficial to have a quick checklist in front of you with a couple differences to touch on. 

Never mention price in the video as this will always change over time. Plus when you sell the RV and your video is still online, you don’t want to have a price associated with the video. 


Submitting Youtube Video:


When submitting your video to youtube, you must change the Title and description to meet these requirements:


Title: Year, Make, Model Walkthrough | Top 10 Features

Example: 2018 Airstream Basecamp 16NB Walkthrough | Top 10 Features


The “Top 10 Features” is merely a call to action to intrigue visitors to click on the video. You can create and additional short CTA after the pipe | symbol if you want to test out different CTA’s. Keep in mind that this is not a sales pitch CTA 🙂



Year Make Model Walkthrough Review



Then type out at least 300 words on this unit. But you must include:


Brand, Class type, floorplan type (bunkhouse etc), color, water capacity and your location (city & state).

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