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Auto Post RV’s On Facebook Marketplace

auto post rvs on facebook marketplace

Did you know that Facebook receives the third most traffic of all the websites on the internet? It’s true and only behind #1 Youtube, and #2 Wikipedia.

Facebook marketplace is AMAZING! But it does have some downfalls. But the benefits greatly outweigh the issues.


For your RV dealership, you can post as many RVs as you want within the marketplace. They don’t limit the number of units that you can submit, which makes it a MUST HAVE for all RV dealers.

Facebook Marketplace Pricing

As of right now, Facebook Marketplace is free. Yep,  you read that correctly, it’s free for everybody to post.

This is a huge advantage over Craigslist. As Craigslist charges dealers $5 / unit. I’m sure at some point Facebook will start charging, but they don’t to post.

Read more about our Craigslist Auto-Posting Service here.

Downfalls with Facebook marketplace:

  • Because it’s free, you have to manage all of the inventory by hand. Which, can be a big pain. Especially updating pricing, text, images and removing the RV when it’s sold.
  • Facebook doesn’t email you the leads or contact info. You receive the inquiry via Facebook chat. Then it’s up to you to get the contact info from the visitor.
  • You don’t get traffic or analytics data (at least as of right now)

Auto Posting On Facebook Marketplace

If you are interested in auto posting your RVs to Facebook Marketplace, you have two options:

  • Send your inventory to infule as a data feed.
  • Sign up for our RV web services

When you sign up for our RV web services, you have more granularity in management. Here are our benefits in using our web design services:

  • Auto post all inventory to Facebook
  • Auto post all images from RV to Marketplace
  • Or assign specific images from inventory to go to the marketplace

At infule, we have a simple monthly fee for auto-posting all of your inventory to Facebook Marketplace.

Contact Infule to get the current pricing: (970) 639-0777


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